Personalised Silver Slinky Bracelet

Just a quick update on our slinky bracelet we have also put our etched name charms on this bracelet and it looks fab, this really does make a great treasured keepsake. I had a nightmare yesterday trying to get the photo’s of the bracelet, Firstly I lost all the etched charms down the skirting board as we live in a very old house nothing is very straight so there are slight gaps now and again but I managed to recover all but one.   Then I dropped the light stand and broke the bulb which to my amazement cost £25  as I later found out so it wasn’t a great start to the day but I managed to get some shots and felt better even though I only had one light stand.  I would like to thank all our recent Valentine customers for shopping at IndiviJewels and hope you like what you bought  from us and for the kind words in your feedback we do appreciate this as we like to know how you feel about our Jewellery. I will leave you with a couple of pics of the bracelet as I have got to go back to work now as I have nearly finished another etched bracelet that will be part of a wider range so really looking  forward to getting that on our site and blogging about it.Handmade Personalised Etched Name Slinky Bracelet 1Handmade Personalised Etched Name Slinky Bracelet 3

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