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Mens Secret Message Silver Triangle Necklace

Well here we are again! I actually started writing this blog a couple of weeks ago when the kids were off on half term but that’s what happens when the kids are off, Yes that’s right nothing!, Although we did have a great super Mario games week but the blog got well forgotten. Right so onto our new product, This is new ground for us as this is our first necklace for men and its even personalised!  Making  jewellery for guys is really difficult, it just is, I should know I  am one.  Well I love wearing mine and I like to think I have good taste in fashion in general so I like to think a few others will share my views and maybe buy one.   We really wanted to design something a little different from the rest, so the Personalized Secret Message Triangle was born! Now it starts off the same as the Secret Heart and the Teardrop necklaces in that we etch the text onto sterling silver sheet which is 0.7mm thick and cut it out and then the hard work begins! We firstly have to drill the holes and then shape the silver into a triangle, we can sometimes be easier said than done as if you don’t get the measurements and bends accurate the first time round, you can end up with a rather wonky triangle!  So once it’s a nice even, straight triangle shape, we solder the ends and then file them to make the join invisible.  Then onto the rather boring, but critical, filing and hand polishing to achieve  a beautiful shine and then into the tumbler for a few hours to harden it up.  Again it may look and sound simple but a lot of time and hard work goes into making one of these fine necklaces. It actually gets better as you have ten fonts yes that’s right ten fonts to choose from. So if your looking for a unique present this Christmas for the man in your life then why not give them a wonderful personal keepsake. Oh nearly forgot you can have it on Greek leather cord or a sterling silver chain. One last thing as it’s Remembrance Day Indivijewels would like to pay respect to all those fine men and women who give the ultimate sacrifice in the last 100 years “Lest We Forget” I can feel another blog coming in the not so distant future so check us out if you can spare a moment or two on our journey.


Mens Personalised Secret Message Silver Triangle Necklace Mens Personalised Secret Message Silver Triangle Necklace on Chain




Sterling Silver Love Hearts Necklace

Brrr! it’s getting a bit chilly now, The days just seem to go really quick at the moment. So busy working on a couple of designs that should be finished soon I hope! But in the meantime we have our new Sterling Silver Love Hearts Necklace to show you all and have a little blog about it. Now this necklace is part of a range we have, We had already made the single heart  and the three heart necklaces. I have no idea why we made them in this order but that’s just us I guess. Anyway,  So we decided on the size of the joined hearts, Just like to point out that because we make our own jewellery we can make the size bigger or smaller if required, OK sales pitch over! So we have our size and not forgetting the shape as we all know hearts come in many shapes, We went for a more traditional one. Once we have cut the heart shape we engrave the two hearts with the initials of the loving couple, Then a  polish, clean and a tumble and bang! there we have it, A beautiful shiny necklace for the lucky girl/women to wear, Well it isn’t that easy for such a small piece a lot of hard work goes into it. The one thing I really like about this heart is that instead of making it with a loop for the necklace to go through we made a simple but very effective decision to just drill a hole at the far upper corner of each heart so that it sits high and visible against your skin. This makes a lovely gift for such occasions as Weddings, Anniversary’s, and Valentine’s Day, Such a sweet and cute necklace that’s very unique which will sure to have people staring at you so don’t get paranoid it’s probably just our lovely necklace! OK so onto the next design, Hopefully you will tune in for the next installment of IndiviJewels or not!

Personalised Silver Two Hearts Necklace with Initials

Personalised Hebrew Initial

I cannot tell you how hot it was in the workshop today! And cannot believe how hot it still is, I’m melting away at the computer writing this blog. Well I’m going to blog about a customer we had last week that was asking for a Hebrew initial on our personalised initial necklace which was quite exciting (I’m very sad) as we haven’t used any other language other then English so I was intrigued to have a look at Hebrew text which looked so Alien to me as I have never seen it before, Need to educate myself more me thinks! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as the letter was very thick in places so it was a test of my etching skills to get it right. I really enjoyed working on something a little different and hope very much to do other languages in the future just need to get my website out there into the big wide world! I forgot to take a picture when I made it (Doh!) but this is the letter M that we etched, this is my print out version for transferring to silver.

Personalised Sterling Silver Mummy Keyring

Well as we come to the end of another busy week it feels like I have more projects than when I started with LOL. We have been working on our new personalised piece which is the Mummy keyring which we are very happy with. As usual we are always playing catch up with different occasions through out the year so we were determined to get this out for mothers day. It took a few attempts to get the drawing of mummy but you have to be patient with etching as it can go wrong and can be very time consuming. We used a 30mm Heart shaped split ring which weighs 8.50 grams and is a solid piece of sterling silver. We thought Hearts and Mums go hand-in-hand so with Mothers day round the corner we thought this would make a great unique gift for mums the world over. The sterling silver disc is 26mm in diameter and is 1mm thick. We have given the option of having up to 40 characters in a child’s first print font  so plenty of room to fit those precious words for mum. As an option for customers they can have a child’s  drawing of a mummy which looks great and just completes this piece. The keyring is finished with a couple of sterling silver charms which are a key and a locked heart which we think adds to the theme of this design as you can see in the photograph below. We also applied a satin finish to keyring as it helps prevent scratching and keeps the piece looking better for longer.I look forward to completing the rest of the family, probably next year LOL. This is a beautiful gift and a wonderful keepsake for mums old and new.

Happy New Year

Well this is only my second day back I decided to take an extra week off to recharge my batteries. I thought one of the first things I should do is get blogging again as I haven’t been able to due to work and time off. I would just like to say to all our customers thank you very much for buying from us we have had record sales for last year and over the xmas period it was just mad. Its funny how things work out as our two best sellers were our two newest products which were our personalised golf ball markers and our personalised children’s bracelet.We are looking forward to the year ahead as we have some new designs ready to go just waiting for some good weather so we can take some pictures. We also have some great new design ideas in the pipeline just hope we get time to make them!

Personalised Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are all the rage at the moment so we decided to design our own starting with a Beautiful children’s bracelet. These fabulous bracelets come with a choice of three different sterling silver charms, flower, heart or a star. The charm is stamped with the initial of your best friend and nestles between eight sterling silver balls. This bracelet comes in seven bright colourful cords to give a good choice and they look fantastic all stacked up on your wrist.

Facebook competition 2

Just a quick update about our facebook page. Well we got to the magical 100 fans and now we are aiming for 200 fans we currently have 140 give or take so we are not to far away. We are offering one of our beautiful personalised name charm necklaces with angel wing and heart to a lucky winner when we get 200 fans.

Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil Personalised Rings Bracelet

Just thought i would share our new personalised bracelet with you all which we are very pleased about. Its a beautiful rings bracelet but with a bit of a twist, first of all we have used a sterling silver chain to string the rings onto to make it more secure and to add a bit more quality as i think  it just looks better all round. I have then used sterling silver rings in which two rings have been soldered together to make one twisted ring  which looks great. I decided to make the bracelet unique to IndiviJewels so i decided to add some gold vermeil rings to give it a contrast and also to catch peoples attention. Gold and silver always look so nice together just like strawberry’s and cream but it has to be designed in the right way so as not to look over bearing one way or the other so that’s why i added the gold toggle because if i just left it at the gold rings they just looked lost. This bracelet is a solid piece as the rings are big and sturdy not like all the lightweight ones where they are very small or look like they will break after a week that’s why the photo’s do not do it justice it looks much better in the flesh. The great thing about this bracelet is you can personalise it which makes it different and unique to us and to you. This is a great keepsake to remember people past and present and to remember them every time you put it on or look at it you will remember the good times. On the toggle i have added a little cluster of three charms just to make it look proportionate to the rest of the bracelet and to keep in line with our personalised range so you know its one of our pieces. Overall i don’t think you will find a better bracelet of a similar design than this one its just a timeless classic with a unique twist that makes it special. Ok that’s it for now i have got to go clean the floors and windows so i will leave you with a couple of pics of the bracelet.Silver and Gold Vermeil Rings Bracelet with Single Name Charm and Angel Wings Cluster Main ImageSilver and Gold Vermeil Rings Bracelet with Single Name Charm and Angel Wings 6

Playsand and a Necklace

Another day has just flown right past me and i feel like I am in that film benny button because i feel my brain is dwindling away. I went to argos today to get play-sand for my sons exquisite masterpiece of a sandpit that i built lol. I felt a bit of an idiot as the only way i could get it to my car was by a sainsbury’s trolley so there I am walking through town with an empty trolley looking like some one from the funny farm and then having to push it back to my car and like all trolleys its got wonky wheels and i must have looked like a hippo on ice and i had to make TWO TRIPS! i needed a ventilator to get my breath back. It was all worth it in the end because Archie played in the sand all afternoon so it had a happy ending.  Sue’s friend Lisa had her birthday yesterday and she wanted to make her something special as she has two young boys as well so she decided to make her a personalised necklace with the names of her two boys on it. We like the necklace that much we are going to start selling them on our site.Alfie and Oliver Personalised Charm NecklaceIts not the best photo in the world put we hadn’t planed on taking one and sue was in a rush but it will do for now. So what we have is a very long snake chain with a handmade ring attached to it. It then has two etched names with a gold vermeil heart between them and protected by angel wings on either side of the names such a beautiful looking piece. Ok that’s me for now I am very tired after my benny hill impression so bonne nuit.

Handmade Personalised Latin Love Bracelet

Well at last I can show our first piece of many from our personalised latin love range which I am well chuffed about. This has been a long time in the running and very time consuming to design and make but we got there in the end although there is a long way to go as I have other pieces to make but its a start. Firstly I used a sterling silver cable chain that is nice and chunky and has a good weight to it. I then hand pierced a heart shape from 1mm thick silver sheet and etched the phrase ” Te Amo” which translates into ” I Love You”. I then hand pierced 4 discs in which 2 were 16mm and the other two were 18 mm, On the 18 mm discs i have etched love phrases in latin. On one disc it has the phrase ” Amor vincit omnia” which translates in to ” Love conquers all” and on the other disc it says ” Amor aeternus” which translates in to ” Love forever”. The two 16mm discs are for you to put your own personal mark on with two initials in a beautiful font. I then blacked up the etched text and initals and put them in the tumble polisher for a nice shine to them. This bracelet looks great, is very elegant and would make a great treasured keepsake for someone special.  Further details on this bracelet are available here.Handmade Personalised Latin Love Bracelet 3