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Personalised Sterling Silver Mummy Keyring

Well as we come to the end of another busy week it feels like I have more projects than when I started with LOL. We have been working on our new personalised piece which is the Mummy keyring which we are very happy with. As usual we are always playing catch up with different occasions through out the year so we were determined to get this out for mothers day. It took a few attempts to get the drawing of mummy but you have to be patient with etching as it can go wrong and can be very time consuming. We used a 30mm Heart shaped split ring which weighs 8.50 grams and is a solid piece of sterling silver. We thought Hearts and Mums go hand-in-hand so with Mothers day round the corner we thought this would make a great unique gift for mums the world over. The sterling silver disc is 26mm in diameter and is 1mm thick. We have given the option of having up to 40 characters in a child’s first print font  so plenty of room to fit those precious words for mum. As an option for customers they can have a child’s  drawing of a mummy which looks great and just completes this piece. The keyring is finished with a couple of sterling silver charms which are a key and a locked heart which we think adds to the theme of this design as you can see in the photograph below. We also applied a satin finish to keyring as it helps prevent scratching and keeps the piece looking better for longer.I look forward to completing the rest of the family, probably next year LOL. This is a beautiful gift and a wonderful keepsake for mums old and new.

Business & Pleasure

Back again! Two posts in one day, Not bad. I wasn’t going to blog till next week but had an email earlier tonight about an order for three gemstone and leaf cluster bracelets which arose from our little break in the countryside last week in the North Yorkshire Moors. It was Sues birthday last week so we decided to take off for a quite break and celebration with our  two young boys in tow. We stayed in a log cabin at Keldy forest near a place called Pickering which took me by surprise because it was beautiful and so was the whole surrounding area, little quaint villages and stunning countryside which I didn’t think existed anymore in good old blighty. Listen to me I sound like a travel guide, anyway as usually you get talking to people in your resort and this we did. Sue took a few pieces with her but it was one piece that got some attention which was the leaf & gemstone cluster bracelet shown below. Its amazing how chatty people get when you tell them you make jewellery, So we handed out a few cards and have ended up with a few sales with a few more on the way by the sounds of it. This is the beautiful log cabin we stayed in as you can see we had a rather early party guest.

Birds Nest Collection

Well here we are again another week that is just flying right by. Not doing as much blogging as I would like lately due to our two young boys that seem to be eating up our time. We have got lots of ideas and designs made or in the pipeline so its looking good for the future, Anyway lets get down to this blog which is about our bestselling Birds nest necklace and earrings. We have had a few designs of bracelets jotted down on paper for such a long time but as normal haven’t got round to seriously putting anything together, that was until we had a customer who wanted the necklace and earrings for her wedding but also a bracelet so we got down to work on designing a bracelet and these are two of final design drafts that we came up although it give us so many more. As you can see the first bracelet is designed for the more elegant look, very dainty not overpowering but just enough to have an effect when you are walking down the aisle. The second bracelet is a a dangle piece that is still very elegant but a a little more noticeable when walking along as the pearls swing around. All the pearls we used are very high quality with great luster and very few marks if any at all. We used a diamond belcher chain which gives it that dainty elegant look although I have tried it on a real thick chunky chain and it looks great so there’s another design for the future. Its amazing how many designs you can come up with when you have the same few materials.  Although I’ am a man and some women would say I haven’t a clue about weddings LOL, but I personally like women when they have all major jewellery pieces on by that I mean earrings,necklace and bracelet. I have seen numerous wedding photo’s were the bride just wears one or two pieces or even none and to me it just doesn’t look right, It can look lop-sided or incomplete but hey that’s just my opinion. OK enough of the wedding lecture  I’ll get off my soap box now.