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Jewellery update

Evening all, I see we are back to the normal British summer time with all the rain. I think I am having one of those periods in life when things continue to go wrong if that’s the right word. I have been laid up for the past week with a  very sore back thanks to my little boy in which i have not been able to do any work up until yesterday when i managed to get a full day in the workshop and finish a few projects i had going  which is very rare for me or Sue as we have our 2 year old son to look after and the fact that Sue is 7 months pregnant so time is a little short. Well that’s enough of the sob story and back to the jewellery,  I managed to make the necklace and earrings to go with the new pearl and gemstone bracelet which is made with freshwater pearls,aquamarine rondelles and blue iolite mystic quartz and which is on our front page of the website so please check it out. I have no photo’s to show you I am sorry to say but with all the bad weather and my bad back i haven’t been able to get outside which is how i like to take my pictures if possible as jewellery looks so much better in natural sunlight but even that doesn’t do the gemstone jewellery justice.  I also finished off one of my wedding/bridal necklace and bracelet combo’s again i have no photo’s but hope to show them tomorrow. I have also nearly finished my necklace and earrings to go with my fairy-dust bracelet which is made with rose quartz onion briolettes, pink mystic topaz and white freshwater pearls but i must have been having another off day as i ordered the wrong size rose quartz which is what i have been waiting on and because i buy most of my luxury gemstones abroad it takes time to see if i can get them and then get them shipped. We have been working on a new personalised bracelet which should be ready for photo’s sometime this week and hopefully we will have it for sale on the website as well as i think its a lovely piece and i cannot wait to get it on. Its pretty hard to write about jewellery when you do not have the photo’s to show people as your describing it so i will finish there for tonight and hopefully be back blogging tomorrow with some pics, But i will leave you with a few of our holiday pics so i bid you bonne nuit.DSC_0062DSC_0059DSC_0102

White Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet

Aah Sunday night and have managed to get a few minutes to write some words of wisdom i hope. Since we got back from Holiday it has been chaos with orders and getting back into work mode which isn’t easy for me at the best of times as Sue keeps pulling me up about all the tea breaks i have, I keep telling her that my genius comes from my thinking time. At the moment i have about ten projects going on at the moment which probably isn’t the best way to work but it suits me, and the one I am going to blog about tonight is my new white pearl cluster bracelet. I actually got the idea for this bracelet from our holiday destination which was Brittany which is in France for those of you who would not no that. I had been looking at photo’s with  beautiful soft sandy beaches with water crashing off the rocks which makes that white foam and is surrounded by patches of lovely clear blue/green water and then the darker blue water further out and having been there its even better first hand. I used two different sizes of AA white freshwater round pearls, The sizes of these pearls are 3-3.5 mm for the small ones and 5.5-6mm for the bigger ones which give it a fantastic style. I then added some 4mm AA aquamarine faceted rondelles which i interspersed along the bracelet which just made the bracelet glow and give it beautiful contrast to the pearls. I do like to add contrasting colours to my pieces but you have do it in the right way or it just looks a mess so for my second gemstone i used AAA blue Iolite Mystic quartz which were 6.5-7.5mm which to me just made the bracelet complete. I did add one last item to the bracelet which was a sterling silver Fleur de Lys charm which i thought was appropriate in more ways than one. This bracelet looks very suttle but has that eye catching look which i think is a must for pieces like this. I am working on the matching necklace and earrings for this bracelet so it will be a lovely set but that’s for another time and blog  so i bid you bonne nuitWhite Freshwater Pearl & Aquamarine Cluster Bracelet 2

Handmade Silver Hoop & Gemstone Cluster Earrings

Two posts in two days! I am running like a well oiled machine right now. All joking aside and down to business before I waffle on about this, that, and the other Sue has designed another beautiful pair of unique Handmade Silver Hoop and Gemstone Cluster Earrings. The first thing Sue made was the frame which is all in one and hand forged from sterling silver wire. The next step was to wrap fine silver wire around the frame in a random squiggle pattern with the balled up ends twisted together. Sue then came up with a lovely colour combination by using Pink Mystic Topaz, Tanzanite, Rainbow Moonstone, Rose Quartz and an Amethyst drop to give a subtle but very effective look. This is one of the hardest parts of designing gemstone jewellery as it can all go wrong if you don’t get the right colours which it has done for me on a few occasions!  I told her she should call them sweetie earrings as they have the same colours as a packet of Love Heart sweets. The design is a variation of our popular Squiggle Earrings but with a splash of colour added and Sue is currently in the process of designing a matching necklace so this will make a fantastic set. This pair of earrings are fantastically sparkly for those of you who like a bit of sparkle in your lives.  Hanmade silver and AAA gemstone hoop earrings 2

AAA Gemstone Bracelets

I’ve got a backlog of blogs to write but the wife and I have just been to busy at the moment so I’m just going to write about the two gemstone bracelets I have made recently.  I have wanted to make some jewellery for a while now  with AAA gemstones that I had sourced. It’s always a bit of a risk picking gemstone colours from photographs but I think I got it right with both bracelets.  AAA Gemstones

The first bracelet I made was called Winter Berries which comprises of  Amethyst, deep red Garnet, and pink Sapphire and it took many hours to make as there was a lot of wire wrapping involved. The base for this handmade sterling silver gemstone bracelet is a sterling silver belcher chain, with each gemstone meticulously wired to each of the links of the chain upon handmade fine silver head-pins. The intoxicatingly dramatic royal purple Amethyst onion briolettes are hand wrapped onto the chain and measure 5-6 mm. The deep red Garnet briolettes also hand wrapped are interspersed along the chain and measure 5 – 5.5mm. The beautiful natural pink Sapphire rondelles are interspersed and are attached by handmade fine silver head-pins and measure 3 – 4.4 mm.  The bracelet is fastened with a gorgeous sterling silver lobster clasp with a lovely sterling silver flower accompanying it.Handmade Sterling silver amethyst garnet and sapphire gemstone bracelet 1

The second bracelet I made I called Fairydust as it is so delightfully graceful and elegant and waiting for a princess to wear, this was put together using Rose quartz, white round pearls and Pink Mystic Topaz. The base for this handmade sterling silver gemstone & pearl bracelet is a sterling silver belcher chain, with each gemstone & pearl meticulously wired to each of the links of the chain upon handmade fine silver head-pins. The intoxicatingly tender Rose quartz onion briolettes are hand wrapped onto the chain and measure 5 – 6mm. The beautiful white round pearls are attached using handmade head-pins and measure 3 – 4mm.  The pink Mystic Topaz are also attached using handmade head-pins and measure 3.5mm to give the braclet a contrasting colour. The bracelet is fastened with a gorgeous sterling silver lobster clasp with a lovely sterling silver rose charm accompanying it.Handmade sterling silver rose quartz mystic pink topaz and white round pearl bracelet 4