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Swarovski Coin Pearl And Sterling Silver Earrrings

Well it’s been awhile, Mother’s Day got a little busy and well I had no time for any other jobs to get done! Maybe I need to invest in a little Elf help or something or other. It’s so nice to be hearing the birds chirp, The flower’s growing and the dark days lifting, I can almost smell summer coming. So now it’s time to get a few brighter bits of jewellery made for those sunny days that lay ahead. So as you might have guessed I love working with pearls, I have lots of designs but the downside of this is the unpredictability of sourcing out good and I mean good graded freshwater pearls to keep your designs alive. So I have decided to use Swarovski crystal/glass pearls in some new designs such as this one – Swarovski coin pearl and sterling silver earrings, When it comes to earrings trying to match a pair of natural pearls can be tricky unless your paying for top top dollar ones, Well it is if your me as I like perfection as much as possible in my work but not always realistic to do so and many people don’t mind but I do! So having found some Swarovski pearls I was amazed how good the quality is how realistic also. I’ve had this particular design in my mind for a while so once I had decided to use the Swarovski pearls I got to work on the twisted rings which are forty four 5mm jump rings soldered into twenty two twisted rings and then put 11 on each earring to give a unique look, Don’t ask why I came out with 11 guess that’s just me all over. I love the head pin I have used, Very detailed and different and really stands out at the bottom of the pearl. I wasn’t sure how such a big headpin would look but it just adds to the overall elegance of the earring. So once I had slipped the coin and the rings onto the pin I just needed the right ear post, A little while ago I purchased a few different designed ear posts from a company in Spain and had been waiting for the right design to come along to use them, Lucky for me only one popped out at me that I thought would work and I wasn’t disappointed in fact it looked even better than I had imagined as I never had an ear post for the initial design. So the end result is a very IndiviJewel looking earring which I love so much I’ve decided to add different colours in the form of Pink and Rose Gold and have just mocked up the matching necklace with bigger coins and twisted rings but that will be for another blog. So the Easter holidays are here! So me and the little troopers are going away to the coast for a week so should be fun on the beach looking for eggs, Should keep them busy for a while anyway. Hope you all have a good holiday and don’t eat to much of the kids chocolate eggs. Till the next time don’t be like the rest be an IndiviJewel.

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