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Personalised Silver Slinky Bracelet

Just a quick update on our slinky bracelet we have also put our etched name charms on this bracelet and it looks fab, this really does make a great treasured keepsake. I had a nightmare yesterday trying to get the photo’s of the bracelet, Firstly I lost all the etched charms down the skirting board as we live in a very old house nothing is very straight so there are slight gaps now and again but I managed to recover all but one.   Then I dropped the light stand and broke the bulb which to my amazement cost £25  as I later found out so it wasn’t a great start to the day but I managed to get some shots and felt better even though I only had one light stand.  I would like to thank all our recent Valentine customers for shopping at IndiviJewels and hope you like what you bought  from us and for the kind words in your feedback we do appreciate this as we like to know how you feel about our Jewellery. I will leave you with a couple of pics of the bracelet as I have got to go back to work now as I have nearly finished another etched bracelet that will be part of a wider range so really looking  forward to getting that on our site and blogging about it.Handmade Personalised Etched Name Slinky Bracelet 1Handmade Personalised Etched Name Slinky Bracelet 3

Personalised Silver Etched Initial Cufflinks

Just finished putting these wonderful Personalised Silver Cufflinks on our website. We have been going as fast as we can to get personalised pieces designed and made but unfortunutaly it just doesn’t work like that you always run into problems when you do compilcated work but half the fun is problem solving, but we have got this pair finished and ready for sale. These cufflinks have an 18mm diameter and are 1.5mm thick that give it a nice weight to it but also keeping that elegant look. I love the font we used for the cufflinks but we also do them in three other fonts to give people a choice. We have about 2-3 other pairs of cufflinks that we would like to do, with different shapes and with some words on as well so we cover a wide range of topics such as weddings, fathers day, to putting children’s names on them there is so much you can do with personalised jewellery. I wasn’t convinced with personalised jewellery but now I have got my hands dirty I love it.

Etched Initial Cufflinks 6

Personalised Etched Initial Slinky Bracelet

We have lots of new personalised pieces near completion and lots of good ideas for others but i will take one piece at a time as I am the kind of person who wants everything to happen all at once. I have wanted to make this piece for a long time now and finally i can show it off with pride. I wanted to do the slinky a bit different to what everyone else was doing as they all look a like so i have gone for 6mm high rondelles which are 3mm wide to give it that sturdy look without taking away the elegance of the bracelet which i think makes it look even better. I wanted to make this piece a treasured keepsake for people so i thought i would attach etched initial charms so you could chose to have loved ones initials to make this a personal joy to wear but also have the elegance of a bracelet you could wear at a wedding for instance. The disks are  12mm in diameter and have a beautiful elegant font which took a bit of time to chose as there were so many. All the beads and charms are attached to strong stretchy elastic to create the illusion bracelet. Suzanne has been busy in the workshop trying out the new tumbler and she has done a fantastic job of the etched charms as they look superb because its not been easy in the workshop with the cold weather even though we have a heater in there.Handmade personalised sterling silver slinky braceletPersonalised sterling silver slinky bracelet 2Personalised sterling slinky Bracelet 1

Memories Bracelet – 18th Birthday

A very special birthday celebration calls for a memorable, unique gift, so my husband Stuart designed this bracelet for his niece Marie’s 18th Birthday using silver charms, our latest etched silver discs and Swarovski crystal hearts and beads in Marie’s birthstone colour – Sapphire.

Personalised Etched Silver Bracelet

Personalised Etched Silver Bracelet

We liked this bracelet so much when it was finished that we are planning on introducing it into our Expressions Range very soon! 

 And here is Marie enjoying herself at her (second!) party

Marie's 18th Birthday

Marie's 18th Birthday