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The New Iridana Necklace

Managed to get an hour to get some photo’s of the new Iridana necklace which has been on my to-do-list for some time. I have never really been happy with the cluster necklace as part of a set, I do like the necklace and I hope all the people that purchased one will agree but I wanted to keep the theme of the design like the bracelet and earrings so I went back to a simple but very effective design of the bracelet. The coin pearls we use are incredible, they are so round and smooth and they have a vibrant colour to them that just makes them glow. Now that the set is designed in the same way I think any bride would look breathtaking with this jewellery set on.

Children’s Friendship Bracelets

Thought I would sneak in a quick blog while my kettle is boiling. What a day I haven’t stopped all day due to the volume of children’s bracelets that have been selling like hot potatoes. If I knew they would be this popular I would have made them years ago LOL.

Another Etsy treasury

Just a quick post as we are starting to get really busy already with the run up to Xmas starting already. I received an email from one of my fellow Etsy chums who kindly put me on her treasury – – The piece that she had chosen was one of our top sellers which is our Personalised silver name charm with gold vermeil heart. I do appreciate it when people take the time to say a few good words about our designs it just gives you a little smile and a boost so thanks to wildstitches.

Mummy’s Little Stars

We are always trying to think of something different to design and make and sue has had this idea for sometime of a mummy’s little stars range. Well with all the numerous ongoing projects we have she finally managed to get a bit of time to work on this idea. Sue decided to design the bracelet first using sterling silver belcher chain for the base. We then have one big star with the stamped initial M on it for mummy and then add four little stars with the stamped initial of  the customers choice weather it be their kids or other family members. The bracelet is finished off with a carabiner clasp to make this a beautifully simple sterling silver personalised piece that is affordable and still makes a treasured keepsake.

New Golf Ball Marker Designs

Just a quick update on our newest product which is our Golf ball marker. We have added some new designs that can be etched on to these fabulous keepsakes. Time is not on our side at the moment with our new son so jobs are taking a little longer than planned but we will get there.We have not forgotten the girls as we have this lovely golf chick marker. We have really enjoyed designing these golf markers, They make such a treasured keepsake and a unique gift.