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Golf Ball Markers

Lets get started this morning with a blog before time just disappears as usual.We have been busy working on a few gifts for men as we currently do not have any and have been asked on numerous occasions if we cater for men so now we have decided to design a few pieces. The first design we thought of making was golf markers as so many men(and women) play golf and this was just before the rider cup was due to start but due to the birth of our son we had to put it on the back burner. We had hoped to have this ready at the same time as the rider cup as there would be an added interest in golf so we missed out on that one.  Like most personalised gifts there is so many different words or phrases to use, So we decided to make a couple of  golf markers with text on them to give people an idea of what that can have on them. The disk is sterling silver and measures 26mm in diameter so we get a lot of text on them and then there is the back of them to use as an added option. This is a fantastic little gift for those of you that struggle to find something for the men in your lives, husband,brother,boyfriend,son. This is not just for men as so many women play golf but people do not tend to struggle for gifts for women as much as men but these golf markers are for everybody. The etched text is so sharp and crisp due to our new process of making our personalised pieces that it just adds to the quality of these great designs.

Birthday Girl

It was my Niece’s birthday last sunday and I made her one of our gold and silver rings bracelets. She is off to university soon so I thought I would etch some charms with a few words that might uplift her when things are not going so well.

Facebook competition 2

Just a quick update about our facebook page. Well we got to the magical 100 fans and now we are aiming for 200 fans we currently have 140 give or take so we are not to far away. We are offering one of our beautiful personalised name charm necklaces with angel wing and heart to a lucky winner when we get 200 fans.


Well its pretty late and I am not having the best of weeks, Its taking me most of the night to get our new personalised bracelet on because i know nothing about computers and all the gadgets that make them work. I think i need to go on a course but then again that’s all well and said but i just don’t have the time. If things couldn’t get any worse i have been waiting for my lovely pearls which i have now found out seem to be lost just as i need them most as i have a couple of designs i needed them for. Time will be very restricted in a few weeks as Sue will be giving birth to our new baby boy yeah i know we cheated we found out earlier so we could prepare but we still cannot decide on a name so if anybody thinks of one let us know. If anyone wants to join us on our facebook page then come along and become a fan as we are giving away free goodies when we get to our first one hundred fans and then again at 200, 300,  yeah you get the picture so what you waiting for pop along and become a fan. We have been pretty busy this week with other jobs, cleaning the car which hadn’t been done since our holiday and had half a ton of sand in it, a few old jobs round the house, and catching up on some admin work so its been pretty quite in the workshop this week although lots to do but sometimes you just need to take your foot off the gas which is why me and my two boys (soon to be three) Archie and Broxi (yes that’s the dog) have been going on some forest walks. I will leave you with Broxi fishing YES fishing on our recent holiday in France so bonne nuit.

Nice To Be Back

I cannot believe our last post was on March 11th, We have had a few problems with the new website and all the technical things that go with it, as in fixing one problem and another one turns up but that’s all in the past know (I hope). As well as all this going on me,my wife and my nearly 2 year old son have all been ill and basically all the work piled up with the admin side of it as well as making orders and new designs. We did get back on track a month ago but we were then getting ready for our holiday so again no time to blog. We have just got back from three great weeks in Brittany where we have recharged our batteries and are ready to get back on track so lets talk about jewellery and what has been happening since we last blogged. We have decided to change our most popular piece at the moment which is the personalised necklace and have made it look even better as you can see in the photo. To begin with we have changed the heart and added this beautiful one which makes the design come together alot more. We also changed the birthstones from swarovski crystals to AAA gemstones and decided to give the oval name tags a high polish look to them and then finally we have changed the chain to a slightly thicker one so overall its had a complete makeover which we are very pleased with as its not easy to change a good product and to make it better. This new design will be ready for sale in the next day or two just need to get some good photo’s . I have lots of new ideas and lots of old ones that i need to have a look at and i know Sue has a few of her own so hopefully we will be sharing  alot more with you starting later today. I feel like this is my first blog after so long away but i feel i have accomplished a good deed and now feel better for it as everybody knows the longer you leave things the harder it becomes to get going again even if it is so late in the night. That’s me for now so bonne nuit.DSC_0074

Christmas Craft Fair at Kelmarsh Hall

I would like to thank everybody that purchased our handmade jewellery at Kelmarsh Christmas craft fair over the past weekend and to all the people who made lovely comments about our jewellery. We love attending Kelmarsh Hall as it is the only craft fair we do in the year and we always look forward to the lovely occasion that the staff put on. This was our third year attending the fair and as the previous two years it was a great success both for crafters and for Kelmarsh Hall with great numbers of people attending. I don’t think there is anything better than having a Chrismtas Craft Fair in a beautiful old Picturesque & Historic building as this one especially with the carol singing and mince pies flying around.
Kelmarsh Hall

Kelmarsh Hall

Talking of xmas carols we had the children singing on Sunday and they were brill but all I can say is that you learn something new every day although I’m going to sound like a right plonker when I tell you that the children were singing “we wish you a merry xmas” and we got to the bit where it says ” oh bring us some figgy pudding ” and my wife just looks at me and asks what I just said so I replied ” oh bring us a sticky pudding”! All my life i thought it was sticky pudding I didn’t even know there was such a thing as figgy pudding! Lucky for me no one else heard but I guess you had to be there to find it funny.

Memories Bracelet – 18th Birthday

A very special birthday celebration calls for a memorable, unique gift, so my husband Stuart designed this bracelet for his niece Marie’s 18th Birthday using silver charms, our latest etched silver discs and Swarovski crystal hearts and beads in Marie’s birthstone colour – Sapphire.

Personalised Etched Silver Bracelet

Personalised Etched Silver Bracelet

We liked this bracelet so much when it was finished that we are planning on introducing it into our Expressions Range very soon! 

 And here is Marie enjoying herself at her (second!) party

Marie's 18th Birthday

Marie's 18th Birthday