Well its pretty late and I am not having the best of weeks, Its taking me most of the night to get our new personalised bracelet on because i know nothing about computers and all the gadgets that make them work. I think i need to go on a course but then again that’s all well and said but i just don’t have the time. If things couldn’t get any worse i have been waiting for my lovely pearls which i have now found out seem to be lost just as i need them most as i have a couple of designs i needed them for. Time will be very restricted in a few weeks as Sue will be giving birth to our new baby boy yeah i know we cheated we found out earlier so we could prepare but we still cannot decide on a name so if anybody thinks of one let us know. If anyone wants to join us on our facebook page then come along and become a fan as we are giving away free goodies when we get to our first one hundred fans and then again at 200, 300,  yeah you get the picture so what you waiting for pop along and become a fan. We have been pretty busy this week with other jobs, cleaning the car which hadn’t been done since our holiday and had half a ton of sand in it, a few old jobs round the house, and catching up on some admin work so its been pretty quite in the workshop this week although lots to do but sometimes you just need to take your foot off the gas which is why me and my two boys (soon to be three) Archie and Broxi (yes that’s the dog) have been going on some forest walks. I will leave you with Broxi fishing YES fishing on our recent holiday in France so bonne nuit.