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Personalised I.D. Bracelet

After the mad rush of Mother’s day last week its a bit less frantic at the moment so I hope to get a few of my overdue projects started and a few overdue ones finally on the website, Ever the optimised lol. We have however added our wonderful personalised I.D bracelet for you wonderful people to purchase if you wish, Should have been a salesman with that pitch lol. We had quite a few designs for an I.D bracelet and hope to maybe make a couple more with very different designs.We chose this design because of the oval tag we use for our other personalised pieces and the fact that it works really well with the silver balls. We have had to cut down on the number of letters or numbers you can have on the tag due to it being drilled on both sides but looking into getting a bigger oval just have to see if it fits in with the design. Personalised items are all the rage at the moment so its tricky to come up with new ideas to make it unique to us but I think we pulled this one off due to our style and design which is unique to us. All I see at the minute is that one person has a bright idea and then everyone and their dog copies it, drives me mad! Think of your own designs lazy people! Alright enough of my man bitchiness lol. Just like to thank those who bought our new Mummy keyring for Mother’s day it was worth the rushed effort to get it on the website, Was very manic but got there in the end.OK going now just leave you with a photo of our I.D bracelet.

Photographing Jewellery

Since we had the website re-vamped we have been looking into photographing our jewellery on new backgrounds. I cannot tell you how hard it is to photograph jewellery, We must have thousands of pics that we have taken but cannot use due to them just being rubbish lol. We have tried numerous props but they do not work for every piece due to different colours but then last week we were doing a bit of shopping in one of those “we have it all shops” and we came across a big pad full of fantastic looking vintage textured paper. It has different colours with different patterns but because its thick with a texture to it its great for jewellery. So we have been busy snapping away to get some fresh pics whichork and look fab. It makes it so much easier to get good pics without spending half  a day wondering what colours and props to use so here is our latest rework which is our beautiful Rosa bracelet on a delicious pinky background.