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Happy New Year To You All! LOL – Personalised Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

So here we are again, Happy New year to you all, little bit late to say the least I know but it’s the thought that counts right? Well With the end of January already here upon us we have a lot of new products in the pipeline and some ready to go. So here we have our new personalised  bar necklace to tell you all about.  For such a simple design it’s also a very modern, minimalist and elegant one. As you can see in the photo’s you can have a lot of variation with regards to the text and layout, also this type of design is great for personalisation as you have a bit of room front and back for the text or images.  So on this particular piece we went for a sleek shape which is cut from a  nice thick 1.2mm sterling silver sheet and we have used a standard size and shape but we can alter this if anyone wants to have something a little different  just email or phone us or maybe even a carrier pigeon if you wish!  As you can see we have used different fonts and types of text you can have so potential customers have an idea of what they can add, No stone left unturned here to help you guys decide what you need. As well as the horizontal design we have also given the choice to have it vertical  (Yes I know we are just to good to you guys) which gives a whole different look to the same shaped piece. Both the necklaces are hanging from a lovely sterling silver belcher chain, Very strong but gives it that subtle look to keep in with the design. This necklace is one of those pieces that never goes out of fashion no matter what decade you like to be in so it’s great for any occasion. OK  so I think I covered everything here but  any questions please just send to us on a postcard! We will reply, Honest!  So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching for all you love birds we have a new necklace to show you guys  but that’s for another day so tune into the next instalment that is IndiviJewels, and Au revoir for now. Yes that’s right I’m multilingual too! So why not be different from all the rest and become an IndiviJewel, Just like us.

Personalised Sterling Silver Bar Necklace with Inspirational Words Personalised Sterling Silver Bar Necklace with Name Personalised Sterling Silver Bar Necklace with Initials Personalised Silver Vertical Bar Necklace with Name