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Playsand and a Necklace

Another day has just flown right past me and i feel like I am in that film benny button because i feel my brain is dwindling away. I went to argos today to get play-sand for my sons exquisite masterpiece of a sandpit that i built lol. I felt a bit of an idiot as the only way i could get it to my car was by a sainsbury’s trolley so there I am walking through town with an empty trolley looking like some one from the funny farm and then having to push it back to my car and like all trolleys its got wonky wheels and i must have looked like a hippo on ice and i had to make TWO TRIPS! i needed a ventilator to get my breath back. It was all worth it in the end because Archie played in the sand all afternoon so it had a happy ending.  Sue’s friend Lisa had her birthday yesterday and she wanted to make her something special as she has two young boys as well so she decided to make her a personalised necklace with the names of her two boys on it. We like the necklace that much we are going to start selling them on our site.Alfie and Oliver Personalised Charm NecklaceIts not the best photo in the world put we hadn’t planed on taking one and sue was in a rush but it will do for now. So what we have is a very long snake chain with a handmade ring attached to it. It then has two etched names with a gold vermeil heart between them and protected by angel wings on either side of the names such a beautiful looking piece. Ok that’s me for now I am very tired after my benny hill impression so bonne nuit.

Personalised Jewellery At Christmas Time

Well Christmas is upon us again and just time for a quick blog before getting back to the workshop.  Our new website is up and running and looks great just needs a few tweaks.  Our silver personalised necklaces are taking off really well – we started off with just the one name tag but we were getting messages sent to us asking for two name tags then low and behold it has been three and four name tags so its getting rather busy but I’m not complaining as we must be doing something right!Personalised Three Charm Necklace

We were hoping to bring out a few more personalised items such as the etched charm bracelet and the memories bracelet but we will have to put them back for the start of next year as we simply do not have the time right now but we really want to expand this range as I love making the personalised jewellery as it gives you a feeling of  great fulfilment that the piece you have made for someone is a treasured keepsake forever.