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Personalised Sterling Silver Love Keyring

Well here we are again! Tuesday morning and  just managed to get the little one off to sleep so thought I would grab my chance to jump on the computer and write one of my rare blogs these days. I’ am struggling to get my eyes to open today its funny how you get days like that. Well time is a wasting so let me crack on with our new personalised piece before the little one wakes up.  We have had  great success with our Mummy keyring that we have made a family love keyring. As its father’s Day this weekend we made the mock-up with a Daddy message but this keyring will be for anyone and everyone, family,friends, and maybe even work colleagues if you like them lol. Everything on this piece is sterling silver, the actual keyring is a beautiful solid silver oval screw shape, thought I would just add this as it seems some people use stainless steel key- rings with a silver tag but make out that the whole thing is sterling silver which isn’t the case with us. We have cut out a piece of  shaped silver from sheet which measures 50mm long,10mm wide and 1mm thick so its a nice sized piece of silver to work with and get the text that we wanted on it. As you can see from my expert photography the two key-rings look like a pair of scissors lol. We tinkered with the idea of adding a charm or two but thought against it in the end as we feel it looks just right on its own and in proportion to the keyring so for this one it was best decided to leave well alone.

Personalised Sterling Silver Mummy Keyring

Well as we come to the end of another busy week it feels like I have more projects than when I started with LOL. We have been working on our new personalised piece which is the Mummy keyring which we are very happy with. As usual we are always playing catch up with different occasions through out the year so we were determined to get this out for mothers day. It took a few attempts to get the drawing of mummy but you have to be patient with etching as it can go wrong and can be very time consuming. We used a 30mm Heart shaped split ring which weighs 8.50 grams and is a solid piece of sterling silver. We thought Hearts and Mums go hand-in-hand so with Mothers day round the corner we thought this would make a great unique gift for mums the world over. The sterling silver disc is 26mm in diameter and is 1mm thick. We have given the option of having up to 40 characters in a child’s first print font  so plenty of room to fit those precious words for mum. As an option for customers they can have a child’s  drawing of a mummy which looks great and just completes this piece. The keyring is finished with a couple of sterling silver charms which are a key and a locked heart which we think adds to the theme of this design as you can see in the photograph below. We also applied a satin finish to keyring as it helps prevent scratching and keeps the piece looking better for longer.I look forward to completing the rest of the family, probably next year LOL. This is a beautiful gift and a wonderful keepsake for mums old and new.