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Sterling Silver “Bird’s Nest” Dangle Earrings

Welcome to another edition of IndiviJewels! March already! Can you believe it! Me neither, Weathers beginning to change, Bird’s are tweeting around the workshop. Hopefully the gloom of winter is about to depart us and bring us some long hot sunny days to bring a smile to our faces, No harm in closing your eyes and dreaming lol  So its been a busy last couple of weeks, Managed to design and make a few pieces. One of those pieces is our new addition to the “Bird’s Nest” collection, Now I can’t tell you how many designs we have for this collection but its a few lets just say and finally got round to making one of them. So without further ado here are our Dangle Bird’s Nest earrings, Lovely and elegant and unique to us for you! So to start with we used some 0.5 silver wire to hand wrap our “Bird’s Nest” ball, We then hung the nest from sterling silver chain which is attached to a sterling silver ball stud to keep with the flow of the design. I love this design, All the components really fit and give it a sleek and flowing look, Simple but very classy to which it can be used for any occasion and everyday wear. Just by writing this blog I have already thought of a couple more ideas just for this design, That’s what I love about designing one thing you see so many more variations of it, Best add those to the list and you might see them in a blog at some point in the future. OK so think that’s about it for today’s waffle. I shall return soon with another instalment that is IndiviJewels, So be different, Don’t be like the rest, Be an IndiviJewel, Just like us! I bid you adieu, Yes the old language skills are coming on a bundle.

Sterling Silver Nest Dangle Earrings

Handmade Silver Hoop & Gemstone Cluster Earrings

Two posts in two days! I am running like a well oiled machine right now. All joking aside and down to business before I waffle on about this, that, and the other Sue has designed another beautiful pair of unique Handmade Silver Hoop and Gemstone Cluster Earrings. The first thing Sue made was the frame which is all in one and hand forged from sterling silver wire. The next step was to wrap fine silver wire around the frame in a random squiggle pattern with the balled up ends twisted together. Sue then came up with a lovely colour combination by using Pink Mystic Topaz, Tanzanite, Rainbow Moonstone, Rose Quartz and an Amethyst drop to give a subtle but very effective look. This is one of the hardest parts of designing gemstone jewellery as it can all go wrong if you don’t get the right colours which it has done for me on a few occasions!  I told her she should call them sweetie earrings as they have the same colours as a packet of Love Heart sweets. The design is a variation of our popular Squiggle Earrings but with a splash of colour added and Sue is currently in the process of designing a matching necklace so this will make a fantastic set. This pair of earrings are fantastically sparkly for those of you who like a bit of sparkle in your lives.  Hanmade silver and AAA gemstone hoop earrings 2

Handmade Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings

Sue loves to make wire wrapped jewellery and she has made another beautiful pair of Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings. The frame is all in one piece which she has hand forged into a pear shape to compliment the gemstone shape. She then tirelessly and carefully wrapped metres of silver wire around the frame and put her unique signature of coils spiralling up the stem of the ear wire. The frame was then oxidised then given a little light polish to brighten it up. The AAA Pink Mystic Quartz stone was then attached in the centre of the frame and sterling silver balls wrapped around the inside of the frame to enhance the design by having a contrast between oxidised and bright silver. Overall these earrings are stunning and are a great look for the summer as the Pink Mystic Quartz are absolutely sparkling. Handmade silver and pink msytic Topaz wire wrapped earrings 2

Funky Wire Wrapped Earrings

One of my latest designs are these beautiful oxidised sterling silver wire wrapped earrings as shown in the pictures.DSC_0145DSC_0151I love designing wire wrapped pieces as you can do so much with them and make it your own piece. Iwanted to make a piece which was different and unique which is what IndiviJewels is all about and also to design a piece with these lovely AAA flawless Teal Blue Mystic Topaz faceted briolette drops that are absolutely stunning. I handmade the teardrop frame and then wire wrapped it and attached wire wrapped swirls on the inside of the teardrop then finished it off by making a loop for the ball stud to attach to but carried it down the teardrop a little way so as not to make it look too bereft at the top.  I then oxidised them to highlight the wrapping. The earring size is 4cm approx long and 1.5cm at its widest point.