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Nice To Be Back

I cannot believe our last post was on March 11th, We have had a few problems with the new website and all the technical things that go with it, as in fixing one problem and another one turns up but that’s all in the past know (I hope). As well as all this going on me,my wife and my nearly 2 year old son have all been ill and basically all the work piled up with the admin side of it as well as making orders and new designs. We did get back on track a month ago but we were then getting ready for our holiday so again no time to blog. We have just got back from three great weeks in Brittany where we have recharged our batteries and are ready to get back on track so lets talk about jewellery and what has been happening since we last blogged. We have decided to change our most popular piece at the moment which is the personalised necklace and have made it look even better as you can see in the photo. To begin with we have changed the heart and added this beautiful one which makes the design come together alot more. We also changed the birthstones from swarovski crystals to AAA gemstones and decided to give the oval name tags a high polish look to them and then finally we have changed the chain to a slightly thicker one so overall its had a complete makeover which we are very pleased with as its not easy to change a good product and to make it better. This new design will be ready for sale in the next day or two just need to get some good photo’s . I have lots of new ideas and lots of old ones that i need to have a look at and i know Sue has a few of her own so hopefully we will be sharing  alot more with you starting later today. I feel like this is my first blog after so long away but i feel i have accomplished a good deed and now feel better for it as everybody knows the longer you leave things the harder it becomes to get going again even if it is so late in the night. That’s me for now so bonne nuit.DSC_0074

Thanks to all our IndiviJewel customers at Christmas

I would like to say a big thank you to all our customers who purchased pieces from us.  Each year we are selling more and more of our jewellery so it’s nice to know we are heading in the right direction. The personalised items were our best sellers and we are working hard on a number of new personalised pieces for this year as well as some new and exciting  gemstone jewellery. I have some new AAA gemstones arriving in the next few days so I’m looking forward to that. With Valentine’s Day just round the corner we are working hard to get some new pieces out in time, but time is the problem as you think you are  just  getting on top of things and then it’s all systems go and so far behind again!  Suzanne and I wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope to make our customers happy with some new designs.