Personalised Wedding keyrings to Italy!

OK first blog of the month and a very momentous one for Alice and Michele of Padova, Italy who are getting married today! The reason I’m writing about their wedding today is that they let IndiviJewels be a small part of there huge occasion which we are really humble about. It means a lot to us that someone would want our products in one of their if not the most important day of there lives. So they wanted to give their nearest and dearest some personal gifts as a loving keepsake and we were the lucky company to do this for them. They choose to give six personalised key rings with the persons name on one side and a message on the other with the date which just happens to be today! So wishing them all the best for today and the future. Now when I was packing this order I realised I hadn’t taken any photos of it like I had planed, I had to put one of the disc’s back in the tumbler for an hour so ended up running very late, It’s nearly 5pm and I’m racing around to get this order to Italy when I had forgotten to take a photo of them, So the post office close’s at 5.30pm so it was a case of snapping a few photo’s free hand in a matter of minutes which if anyone knows about photographing the chances of having quality pics is not really going to happen and yes having just gone through the pics today they are sadly not great! So it was the case of picking the best one out of a bad bunch as you can see with the photo I have used. I spoke to Alice about writing a blog about the big day and she kindly said she would send some pics through to me so I will update this blog when I have them. So it’s time to say arrivederci for now although I could well should be back on tomorrow as I have a new personalised bracelet to chat about. So don’t be like all the rest be an IndiviJewel just like Alice and Michele.

 Alice Volpi custom design1 copy

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