Etching and Tumbling

Another busy day etching – mostly orders but managed to do a couple of pieces for some new designs that we are working on.  Hopefully will get them finished off and photographed within the next couple of days.  Have been busy playing with the tumble polisher as well trying to figure out how to get the best finish on a few pieces that we want to have a highly polished finish.  Think we are almost there now as the pieces that I tumbled last night are looking good!  Spent quite a lot of time sanding them by hand first with progressively finer papers and then with a slightly abrasive polishing pad to take out as many scratches as possible before they went in.  The first lot I just chucked in after a quick rub down and thought the tumbler would work it’s magic and they would come out with a beautiful mirror finish!  No such luck – but if I can repeat the same finish I got on the last lot I will be very happy as it’s still going to save a lot of time (and mess!) in the final polishing stage.

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