Coin Pearl & Aquamarine Gemstone Cluster Charm Bracelet


So I finally got round to making this coin pearl bracelet to go with the necklace that I made a while ago, Maybe in future I should try making them together now there’s a thought! Men, Multi-tasking just doesn’t really work together lol. I love working with coin pearls especially if you can source out real quality ones otherwise it’s not worth it as I guess you could say I try to be a bit of a perfectionist. I’d have to admit I’m very fussy when it comes to materials, I have so many designs on paper but I only like to use top quality bits and bobs that’s why I have so many unfinished designs hanging around the workshop. You don’t really see to much coin pearl jewellery about and it’s a bit different from the norm so like I said I love working with them especially when you have a good design you can make some wonderful pieces of jewellery. When I’m in the workshop late at night having a brain storming session! Which let’s be honest doesn’t happen to often lol.I love mixing pearls and gemstones it’s one of my favourite parts of designing  but you have to get the mix right for it to have that elegant and sellable look. One of the best combo’s with pearls and gemstones I feel is white/cream pearls with blue gemstones, Just something about pearls and blues it makes me think of sandy beaches while watching an Ocean or Sea  or I’m I just thinking of where I would lie to be right now! Focus, I have used Aquamarine for this design as you might have read in the title of this blog!  But lots of other blue stones would look good as well such as London blue Topaz, Tanzanite or even Sapphire but I went with a warm colour that blends in well and not to over powering but just to give it a little contrast. So to start with I have used a solid and elegant sterling silver charm holder with a whopping 14mm graded coin pearl which has a lovely iridescence about it. Mingled in and around the coin we have AA graded 3mm Aquamarine faceted rondelles which give it that little bit of sparkly needed which are accompanied with beautiful 3-4mm round pearls so overall it makes a wonderful center piece. Now for the rest of the bracelet we used 8-9mm coin pearls to tie in the bracelet as a whole, These little beauties have a wonderful shape and colour about them. Now I have changed the clasp used on the necklace to one which I think suits the design a little better, As you can see it’s a beautifully designed twisted heart and arrow clasp and yes it will also be on the necklace from now on( Yes I’m a professional lol). I have to say the bracelet is very feminine and elegant and would look good on any women’s wrist, That’s not being big headed I’m just very proud and happy to have made this piece and if you don’t have confidence in your work then your in trouble. So all I have to do is make up some earrings and bing bang boo what a lovely set we shall have for you lovely people to wear. OK it’s Friday afternoon, It’s only taken me a week to write this blog! The day is just starting for me, No rest for the wicked I have to re-take some photo’s of our new personalised silver and rose gold bracelet which I hope to chat about in a few days. Till the next time, Don’t be like the rest, Be an IndiviJewel!


Coin Pearl & Aquamarine Charm Bracelet 5 copy Coin Pearl & Aquamarine Charm Bracelet 4 copy



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